5 smart ways to keep your kitchen clean and healthy

No one likes to cook in a cluttered, foul smelling kitchen. It is not just unhygienic but drains your energy as you start your day. A dirty kitchen is also one of the reasons for loss of appetite. So it is imperative to keep your kitchen clean and in order. To achieve this, one has to create some ground rules and follow it diligently.

Here is a list of some of the best ways to keep your kitchen clean and ready for healthy cooking.

  1. Clean it as you work it

This is the fundamental rule one has to abide by when working in the kitchen. It means that you clean up as you are working or cooking. For instance, put the seasoning back in its shelf once you’re done using it or wipe up the spills on the counter using microfiber cloth that helps soak up the liquid instantly. You can also clean the utensils used during prepping while the dinner is cooking in the oven.

  • Keep dirty utensils off the counter

Always have paper towels handy so that you can spread it before you place the dirty utensil. You can even keep a spoon rest next to the stove or kitchen counter to set your spatula on it while cooking or serving spoons you used to set up a dish

  • Had your meal? Clean up!

It is better to clear the table right after you have your meal. Set everyone to work until kitchen is set back to order. This includes putting your utensils in the dishwasher and running it every night to ensure you start the next day with clean dishes. Do not forget to take out the trash every night to avoid bugs and roaches making your kitchen their home.

  • Try to keep your sink empty

Always keep your kitchen sink empty as you would tend to add more utensils if a single dirty dish is present inside it. Instead stick that bowl or plate on which you just had your meal in the dishwasher. You can use premium dishwashing liquid from Grubless that helps kill bacteria and other microbes from the utensils in a single wash.

  1. Disinfect Regularly

Kitchen is one of the most used areas of a home, even more than the toilet. Food products attract a lot of germs and insects. Don’t let them become permanent visitors. You can sweep the floors regularly but make it a point to thoroughly clean and sanitise your kitchen on a regular basis. You can keep Grubless Antibacterial Spray and wipe handy to clean kitchen counters, gas stoves, oven and other kitchen appliance after every use. Use disinfectants to clean your sink and the area where you keep your dustbin frequently to avoid growth of microbes.

It is better to follow these rules religiously to ensure that your kitchen remains in order every time you go to cook something for yourself and loved ones. It is even more important to use genuine quality cleaning chemicals so that the cooking space is germ-free. Grubless Cleaning Services in Brisbane has been in the cleaning business for more than 20 years with its own cleaning products and supplies in Sumner, Indooroopilly, Toowong and Milton. A clean kitchen not only keeps you healthy but also lets you cook in a relaxed mind, helping you create mouthwatering delicacies.

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