Regular habits to keep house clean and tidy

Keeping up with daily house cleaning can be a daunting task but if done regularly, one can ensure cleanliness at all times. Keeping one’s space clean is more about creating good habits that we end up following instinctively and less about the time involved. Grubless being the cleaning product manufacturer in Brisbane shares tips on how to keep your home clean and tidy at all times!

  1. Start your day by cleaning the bed

Cleaning one’s bed plays a huge role in maintaining cleanliness in the room as well as in one’s life. Climbing into a well-made bed at the end of the day is one of the most refreshing feelings. One shortcut could be to keep the bedding as simple as possible.

  • Lessen the load of laundry by washing per day.

Try to get in the habit of putting in one load of laundry every morning. If you are a working individual, you could get back home and turn on the machine. Just ensure you save sometime in the day to complete the load, including putting them away.

  • Prioritize what’s necessary

Not all cleaning is a priority. Some could be kept of later depending on the level of urgency.  Prioritize what needs to be done and what can be pushed to the next day. With the time in hand, make a list of cleaning goals and make it an attempt to stick with those before attempting to do other things.

  • Initiate a nightly clean up

Make it a routine to do a nightly 15-minute clean-up every night before sliding into bed. Put on a timer if it helps and stick with the topmost cleaning priorities. Use our Eucalyptus spray and wipe for the nightly clean-up and wake up to a clean and organized house every morning!

  • Avoid leaving a room empty-handed

This is one habit, if and when imbibed, will help one maintain cleanliness at all time in any space. As and when you move from one room, try to do a quick scan to see if there’s anything you can carry to take with you and keep where it belongs. Keep in mind the one-touch rule according to which you can only touch an item one time before you put them away. Everytime you touch an object to move it from one place to another, you’re investing important time and energy so it’s best you put them in place.

  • Clean as you go

This might seem obvious but it’s something that we mostly don’t do. Putting things in place as you go is not a time-consuming challenge, infact it’ll help you to stay clean and organized at all times.

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