Nail troubles solved!

Like a brand new haircut or a good skin care routine, well-manicured, healthy nails are an integral part of our appearance. Many of us are dependent on the guidance and help from salons, some of which might not be providing the best of services. Best cleaning supplies in Brisbane offer you a list of important tips for achieving well groomed, healthy, elegant nails.

  • Avoid manipulating your cuticles

Whether you do your nails by yourself or seek professional help, cutting cuticles is a big NO. Cuticles are said to be natural barriers to fungus and bacteria and once breached, the protection they provide is lost. Not only will the cuticles get red or swollen but it also increases the chances of having infections that inturn harms the nail bed and leads to permanent nail damage.

  • Avoid using nail hardeners

Nail hardeners incur more damage than good. Usually products like nail hardeners are not backed up by science. Unless your nails are exceptionally fragile or weak, you won’t benefit from a nail hardener.

  • Regularly moisturize the nail bed and cuticle

Moisturizing the nail bed not only enhances nail growth but also make cuticles look better and helps protect the nail from breakage due to lack of moisture. Applying oil around the cuticles helps in moisturizing the entire nail thereby preventing chipping or cracking.

  • Take biotin supplements

Studies show that supplements of biotin increases nail thickness and prevents breaking and splitting. Another two components that play an equal role in strengthening nail health is silicon and the supplement MSM. Also, it is advised to stay off the gelatin component as instead of strengthening nail health, it weakens them.

  • Reduce professional manicures

While it’s hard to combat the luxury of a pedicure or manicure, it is seen that people indulging in them are most likely to suffer from brittle and weak nails. Exposure to harsh chemicals can be an alarming reason. One way to cut down this problem is to carry your own tools to the salon. This will not only eradicate the risk of having infections thus ensuring a better nail life.

  • Stay away from Acetone-based polish removers

One nail product every dermatologist suggest to stay away from if you have dry and brittle nails is acetone polish removers. It strips the nails and brittles them hence its best to stay off it.

  • Limit contact with cleaning chemicals

It might be healthy to wash your hands frequently but when overdone, you can wreck havoc with your nails. Use Hybrid Clear Medium hand Gloves to keep your hands and nails protected while cleaning as chemicals tend to play a huge role in degrading nail health.

Avoid hampering your nails by bringing them in contact with random cleaning chemicals while cleaning. If you’re looking out for cleaning companies in Brisbane, contact our Grubless Cleaning Supplies team- your one stop cleaning solution.

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