Ace your office space, the tidy way!

Apart from your house, the office is a space where you spend more than half of your day. It’s of utmost importance to keep your office ambience clean and tidy so as to ensure smooth workflow. Maintaining a clean and organized office space means a healthy and comfortable working area for you and other employees.

Advantages of having a clean and organized office space:

  • Healthy atmosphere
  • Enhanced workflow
  • Increased productivity

It has been seen that a clean and maintained office space reduces sick days and also helps the client to leave the office with a lasting impression. Also, finding important documents and papers get easier if the working space is organized.

If we have got you intrigued to clean your office space up, here are some tips from our office cleaning Brisbane team to help you get started!

  1. Reorganize

The hustle and bustle of a regular working day often leave your office spaces messed and desks scattered. You can start by sorting and assembling all important documents and putting them in designated and allocated files and folders. Everything starting from pens, papers and sticky notes need to be in place.

  • Imbibe it into a daily habit

After office hours, dedicate fifteen to twenty minutes for a regular clean up where you clean your desks, empty trash from time to time and put back used things to their original place.

  • Vacuum and mop the floor from time to time

Whether it’s a house or office, cleaning or vacuuming the floor is a must to keep dust and dirt away. The footfall number in an office can accumulate tons of dust that is otherwise not visible to the naked eye. Hence mopping the floor is necessary if your office space doesn’t have a carpet.

  • Clean on the go

As soon as you notice any mess on your office desk or nearby, try to make it a habit to fix it. Saw a dirty desktop? Pick up a cleanser, wear your Hybrid Clear small hand Gloves and get cleaning. Request helpers to help you if needed. It is advised to keep some kinds of cleaning appliance handy.

  • Hire an exterior office cleaning service.

Interiors can be cleaned but at times cleaning and sorting the exterior is troublesome.  For example, if your office has glass panels, it’s extremely difficult to clean them daily. If you are eyeing out for exterior help, reach out to our Grubless Cleaning Supplies team. We house some of the best cleaning supplies in Brisbane, which include paper products, cleaning wipes, floor care and maintenance items, janitorial supplies, washroom supplies, gloves, bin liners, enviro-friendly cleaning agents, cleaning chemicals and many more.

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