5 Tips to keep your floors protected this summer

From the occasional rainy day to the dirty paws of your furry friend all over the floor, keeping your house fresh and clean throughout summer can be a challenging job. Grubless with its best cleaning supplies in Brisbane is here to guide you to keep your ambience clean, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine.

  1. Allocate your tools

If you’re looking at ways to keep your floors clean, the first thing you would need is the right set of tools for the cleaning job. Avoiding vacuums with rubber grippers, using one with soft bristles will ensure that you don’t damage your floors while cleaning them.

  • Ensure regular maintenance

If you aim at keeping your floors clean regularly, chances are, it’s bound to stay clean. One of the easiest ways to ensure clean floors always is regular maintenance. Regular sweeping and vacuuming crumbs or debris can avoid your floors from getting damaged.

  • Protect your floors

While we understand your urge to leave your beautiful laminated floors uncovered because of their gorgeousness, however, it is suggested that you cover your floors to prevent damage. Area rugs are a great way to complement your décor and at the same time also ensuring that your floor stays safe from any kind of damage. You can also take recourse to soft furniture pads to avoid scratches.

  • Avail products to keep clean

Just like your stylist recommends products to you to maintain that ‘salon style’, similarly if you’re looking out for top cleaning products in Brisbane, Grubless is what you need. Resisting the urge of using soap and wax to clean your floor, get in touch with Grubless Cleaning Supplies and put your cleaning worries to sleep in no time. Products designed specifically to maintain cleanliness in your living and working space, Grubless is undoubtedly the one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs.

  1. Lift not drag

At times, when a room needs a makeover, we try shuffling and rearranging the furniture in our house. Not everyone has the budget or time to hire professional movers which is why we often end up doing them on our own. One important thing to keep in mind while doing so is to know the difference between lifting and dragging. Dragging anything over those laminated, beautiful floors will incur scratch marks that would thereby ruin the beauty of them. Hence, protect your laminated floors from deep scratches by lifting pieces of furniture rather than dragging them. Providing you with the best quality cleaning chemicals in Brisbane, the miscellaneous range of products by Grubless Cleaning Supplies aims at keeping your surrounding clean at all times. 

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