5 easy steps to clean behind your refrigerator

Being the most used kitchen appliance in our home, the refrigerator deserves respect and constant upkeep. Thanks to it our food and beverage remains fresh for a longer period of time. And just like we clean the food on our plate, we never forget to clean our fridge at regular intervals. But do we show the same diligence when cleaning behind the fridge?

It is recommended by cleaning experts that we should clean behind the fridge at least once every 3 months. This will not only prevent the accumulation of dust and scraps of food but also keep pests and allergies away. Moreover, if it not cleaned at regular intervals, there is a chance for mold to grow in the damp areas present behind the fridge.

So what is the best way to clean behind the refrigerator?

Well if you don’t mind getting a bit dirty to clean behind your refrigerator properly, follow these simple steps:

  1. Unplug the fridge. You need to first empty the interiors before pulling it away from the wall so that the things kept inside don’t fall or get spilt. Once pulled away, you can easily access the area behind the fridge easily.
  2. Remove the grille present to cover the vent at the base of your fridge. Use a hand-held vacuum cleaner to clean the coils underneath. Then clean the coils using a coil brush/ duster. Be cautious not to rip or loosen the seals while working on it.
  3. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the walls behind the fridge with a mixture of cleaning vinegar and water in equal parts. This cleaning mixture is tough on grease and grime built up on the fridge walls and helps prevent the paint from permanently getting stained. You can even wipe down the fridge’s back panel with this cleaning mixture of water and vinegar.

4. Now use the Grubless Floor Cleaner to clean the floor area where the fridge was kept. Give special attention to the dirt collected at the seams of the fridge’s baseboards since this is where moisture tends to remain and cause mold to grow.

5. Once the floorspace is dry and completely devoid of any moisture, you can return the fridge back to its original spot. Plug the fridge back on. Once it is re-installed in its proper place, check whether the fan turns back on and the cooling systems are functioning properly.

Never neglect to clean behind your fridge as this can create a serious health hazard in your otherwise clean home. You can order cleaning supplies and equipments from Grubless- one of the leading home cleaning supplies in Brisbane that specializes in manufacturing cleaning equipments and cleaning chemicals. If you are looking to clean your entire home by professional cleaning services, you can even book Grubless cleaning services in Sumner, Toowong, Indooroopilly and Milton.

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