Top 5 Tips for Personal Hygiene Care for Elderly

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As we age, daily tasks can become harder. For many elderly people, proper personal hygiene can be difficult because of an inadequacy of mobility and often insufficiency of energy also. This is why you may require seeking cleaning services in Brisbane. Medicines’ side effects, a fear of falling, dementia, isolation, or depression can lead seniors to lose interest in or totally ignore their grooming and personal hygiene.

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Personal Hygiene Care Tips for the Elderly

Hygiene and health go hand in hand. In case an elderly person is facing issues maintaining a daily hygiene regime, check out these 5 useful tips:

1. Address the Problems

Find out why the senior person has ignored his/her personal hygiene. Elderly people sometimes grow poor hygiene due to mobility problems or because they cannot perform their normal hygiene regimes physically and have fear to say anything. Regardless of the reason, it is crucial to address the problems so you can get proper cleaning supplies in Brisbane and possible solutions to keep them stay healthy and clean.

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2. Make a Routine

Seniors can easily ignore or forget their hygiene when they don’t have a proper routine in place. Let them start their morning by helping them freshen up. Have a warm bath or shower and ensure that they get soap, shampoo, and other essentials. Then, move to the basin for teeth brushing and hair care. Help them wear a comfortable outfit also.

3. Make Sure the Washroom is Safe

The fear of slipping or falling can sometimes be sufficient to stop elderly people from getting a bath or shower altogether. Get the appropriate equipment in the washroom like handrails near the toilet and in the shower, add a bench to the shower, and install raised toilet seats.

4. Purchase Hygiene Aids

Countless cleaning products in Brisbane are available nowadays to help maintain the hygiene of elderly persons. You may make their life easier by giving them some of them. Shower benches or chairs can be helpful for them if they have balance or strength issues. Easy-grip nail clippers, no-rinse shampoo caps, long-handled shower brushes, and bathing wipes can be worthy. Moreover, buy hair washing trays to finish their hygiene tasks fast and comfortably.

5. Make a Relaxing Ambiance

Some elderly people may feel awkward in asking for help with hygiene and bathing. By making a relaxing ambiance you can help and soothe them. Play their favorite music. Keep every conversation casual and natural to distract them from the hygiene tasks. Allow them to maintain independence but don’t hesitate to help if required.


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Good hygiene is important alongside the healthy living. Dirt, dust, oil can affect elderly people’s skin. Hence, proper cleaning is required to prevent infections from growing. Assist aging persons with their personal hygiene by getting some cleaning products in Brisbane. Some people cannot clean them or forget to clean or may ignore their hygiene routine. Follow the aforesaid personal hygiene checklist to offer support to those aging people if you are concerned about their hygiene.

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