The Impact of Poor Hygiene among Elders in Australia

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Poor hygiene can affect the life of an individual badly. Many worries are associated with wearing untidy outfits, creating bad odor, having dirty fingernails, unclean hair, and stained teeth. And these poor hygiene issues among the elderly maximize beyond unsuitable conditions in Australia. For this reason, you may need to contact one of the best cleaning companies in Brisbane for having some hygiene aids.

Poor Personal Hygiene Cause Health Complications

With aging people become more susceptible to sickness. Hence, maintaining cleanliness is important for entire health. As there are several medical issues that the elderly in Australia may require considering, some cleaning supplies in Brisbane can be a greater help.

Poor personal hygiene can cause bacterial, parasitic, and fungi infections on the skin and hair. This usually transmits to others when they are in close contact with the person who is affected. The results are not hidden to the outside of the body. Untidy crockery, utensils, and hands can grow the scopes of diseases like food poisoning and gastroenteritis.

Somebody’s poor hygiene can bring possibly fatal results for seniors. The transmission of infection can lead them with poor immune systems to create issues like blood poisoning. Therefore, it is important that elderly people in Australia practice better personal hygiene. Nevertheless, it is commonly seen that the elderly hesitates to take bath or shower regularly.

Why Do Many Elderly People Refuse To Take Bath Regularly?

Many factors lead older adults to abstain from taking shower or bath regularly. These incorporate a fear of falling or slipping. Slips and falls cause the maximum hospitalizations of the elderly in Australia every year.

Due to the poor balance and strength, older adults need a caregiver to help them in their bathing procedure. However, this makes embarrassment and shame for several seniors.

The Loss of Independence Leads to a Difficult Emotional Strain

Depression can be a reason why older adults lose interest in maintaining their personal hygiene. In case the elderly people in Australia feel depressed or isolated due to health problems, they may not care sufficiently to bother with hygiene. In this matter, the person must visit a doctor who should ponder depression. After all, it’s a bigger problem than cleanliness. If your depression can be treated successfully, it’s possible that the seniors will get their interest back in hygiene.

Moreover, vision issues and hearing loss are other reasons why many older adults abstain from bathing. Seniors’ senses of smell may not be as powerful as they were once. In fact, some elderly persons are recognized for their excessive use of perfume. Also, memory loss can also be a factor in poor hygiene among older adults. They can even forget a gentle reminder that you gave for taking the shower just yesterday.


Every effort we make in ensuring good health and hygiene of our elders will go a long way in keeping them happy in the autumns of their lives. To maintain proper hygiene, get some exclusive cleaning products in Brisbane. Contact a reputable cleaning supplier like Grubless Cleaning Supplies in Australia and get host of cleaning chemicals, bin liners, environmental friendly cleaning products at best price under one roof.

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