We often have some stereotypical dusting methods that we keep implementing repeatedly while expecting different results. That is not quite practical! The first and most efficacious step for dusting is the knowledge of which tools should or should not be used.

For instance, according to the cleaning experts of Grubless, the major supplier of complete cleaning accessories in Brisbane feathers dusters are of hardly any help – they simply spread dust instead of removing them. A better tool is a soft cloth dampened with water, an electrostatic duster and a microfiber duster. Now that you which tools are more functional, here comes certain targeted strategies for you to reach your most difficult to penetrate spots.

Wall Cleaning: A vacuum cleaner with multiple attachments is extremely effectively for any type of cleaning, be it from ceiling to floor. Follow the top-down approach to make the most out of the method and capture maximum dust.

Baseboard Cleaning: The best way to tackle dingy spots is using wet cloth. Spray water on the cloth lightly and run it over baseboards for whisking debris away in a jiffy.

Curio Cabinet Cleaning: To remove the dust trapped in intricate carvings and tiny nooks, pick up a makeup brush or bristle paint, remove the dust and then wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Electronics Cleaning: Electronics such as TVs, DVDs, computers, printers are notorious dust magnets. Do not forget to unplug the equipment before cleaning. Usually a gentle swipe of microfiber cloth does the job but if you use a long handled brush it will collect the dust from cervices. Also, vacuum dust from around the vents and cords to avoid machine clogging.

Soft Toy Cleaning: Take a cup of baking soda into a large plastic bag and put the soft toys into it. Tie the plastic and shake it well. The baking soda will draw the dust and soil out of the soft toys. Remove items one at a time then shake off the baking soda and vacuum the remaining items using a brush attachment.

Ceiling Fans: Place a drop cloth or a newspaper under the ceiling fan. After turning off the power source, climb on a step stool. Use dampened paper towels for wiping greasy dust from the casing and then use a soft bristle brush dampened with a mild cleanser for loosening the dust on the blades and then rinse out with a damp paper towel.

Grubless houses some of the best cleaning supplies in Brisbane, which include paper products, cleaning wipes, floor care and maintenance items, janitorial supplies, washroom supplies, gloves, bin liners, enviro-friendly cleaning agents, cleaning chemicals and many more. We are just not a store selling you products but our veteran personnel will also help you understand which product suits your requirement the best.

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