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It’s sometimes normal to forget about cleaning window blinds; then one day you suddenly realise that the dust bunnies have taken over and immediate action has to be taken. Thankfully this oft-neglected task is not that difficult to handle if done strategically.

Deep Cleaning

If your aluminium or vinyl blinds of the kitchen area are exposed to residue, stubborn dust or grease then deep cleaning is the only way out. To execute the process properly, you need to take off the blinds; put them in a bathtub filled with warm water and dishwasher (you can also add a cup of baking soda for being a natural fighter of stain). Let the blinds soak for an hour approximately and then you can rinse with warm water. If you can still spot any excess dust or dirt, simply wipe it off.

Insider tip from Grubless, supplier of top cleaning products in Brisbane:

Even after the complete deep cleaning process, if your blinds are still looking yellowed or dingy, then the stain is because of the sunlight. But that too can be removed. Add three cups of liquid bleach to a tub of cold water and pop the blinds. Let the blinds soak for a brief period (around 10 minutes), rinse and dry off. The bleach will add whiteness to the blinds. You can try Premium Thickened Bleach from the house of Grubless.

Excess Dirt Vacuuming

After running a damp cloth across your blinds, simply vacuum away the residual dust that fell on the floor or onto the windowsill.

Additional Tricks

  • Regular cleaning of blinds: While most blinds come with a warranty period of five years, some of them last for decades only due to regular cleaning.
  • Any old clean cloth will do: Microfiber cloths are great for blinds cleaning but any old clean cloth (preferably a sock) does as good a job.
  • Shutter cleaning: The aforementioned methods used for blinds cleaning can be implemented for shutter cleaning as well. You can also implement the same process for cleaning fabric shades but the method is a tad different. Lower the shades and use a soft brush attachment and the low suction setting of the vacuum cleaner to go over the shade from the upper part. This way you can clean the other side and the back.

For stains and spots, apply a mixture of soap and water (add baking soda for heavy stain). If the spots are too stubborn to go do not take a risk. Take the blinds to a dry clean for complete refreshment.

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