You might be cleaning your windows on a regular basis but what about the shades or blinds? The ones that cover your windows need frequent cleaning too. Window blinds come in various materials such as wood, fabric, aluminium or vinyl helping you keep your room cool, providing privacy and blocking out dirt and light. They also work great in collecting pet hair, dust, etc.

The good part is cleaning blind is not as difficult as it appears – neither you have to clean one slat at a time, nor you have to take out the entire blind off the window. You just need some simple yet effective tools and some superb tips from the house of Grubless Cleaning Supplies, provider of best cleaning supplies in Brisbane, which will enable you, clean blinds easily and quickly.

 Gather cleaning supplies for effortless blinds cleaning
o Vacuum Cleaner (preferably with soft brush attachment)
o Dishwasher
o Baking Soda
o Warm Water
o Microfiber Cloths

 Lower the blinds completely
Blinds made of faux wood or wood can be fully closed but the ones made of aluminium or vinyl tend to overlap for which they need to be lowered as much as possible.

 Start with dusting
If the blinds are vertically directed then hold the bottom for stability. Take a microfiber cloth and wipe it from top to bottom. Unless you wipe it in a downward motion, the blinds could just get unhooked. You can also use a vacuum cleaner but make sure that it has a soft dusting brush attached and a low-suction pump for dust removal. For the horizontally directed blinds, the dusting process is similar but the cleaning has to be done from one side to another. Follow an order so that the clean slats don’t get re-dusted.

Once done flip the blinds and repeat the same process with a vacuum cleaner or microfiber cloth for complete cleaning. If the blinds are heavily soiled then mere dusting will not be able to do the job thoroughly. In that case, use a damp microfiber cloth. For wooden blinds, the cloth should not be overtly dampened.

Grubless showcases a wide range of complete cleaning supplies in Brisbane, which include floor care and maintenance items, janitorial supplies, gloves, paper products, cleaning wipes, washroom supplies, enviro-friendly cleaning agents, cleaning chemicals bin liners, and many more.

We don’t really believe that our job just ends with selling you the product but our veteran experts will also help you understand the product suitability.

In the next part, we shall elaborate more on the deep cleaning process of window blinds, how to vacuum away dust and certain additional tricks and tips related to blinds and shades cleaning.

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