It might be confusing sometimes which vacuum cleaner to choose since there are so many in the market. It might also be a bit perplexing to decide which vacuum cleaner is the most suitable for our needs. This article will give you an explicit idea about the functionalities of vacuum cleaners, the probable options and how to narrow down the list to choose the best types for our homes.

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This article from the experienced team of Grubless that has a wide range of essential cleaning tool supplies in Brisbane will more or less answer all your possible queries regarding vacuum cleaners.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for specifically cleaning your home then barring the secondary or speciality vacuum cleaners such as car vacuums, hand vacuums, dry/wet vacuums, there are primarily two major types to pick from – Canisters and Uprights. Both are quite popular across the world; however, the uprights are preferred more in Great Britain or the US while in Australia, Europe and Asia canisters are chosen more.


Uprights generally constitute a revolving brush roll that provides agitation and also might have one motor to give suction and turning the agitator brush on or it might have two motors, one for turning the suction on and the other for the agitator brush.

They mostly excel at cleaning synthetic carpeting such as polyester, olefin or nylon and some also have the functionality to turn off the revolving brush to clean smooth surfaces. Integrated extension hoses and on-board attachments have provided uprights with enhanced versatility and have many features of canisters.


While uprights have been gaining popularity, canisters are designed with lot more versatility. They perform extremely well on smooth and carpet floors as well as on above-the-floor areas. The cleaning tools of canister vacuum cleaners are used with a wand and hose and they are more manoeuvrable. They can get under the impenetrable areas with ease.

There are three types of canisters – they all have wands, hose, floor tools and attachments. The difference lies in the floor tools. The types are:

  • Straight Suction Vacuum Cleaner (uses a non-revolving, simple brush)
  • Turbo Vacuum Cleaner (uses a revolving brush powered by the airflow to create suction motor)
  • Upright Vacuum Cleaner (uses a separate electronic motor to drive the power brush’s revolving brush roll)
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Grubless provides complete cleaning supplies in Brisbane with an array of vacuum cleaners. All of them are as effective; you have to pick the one that suits your requirement the best. You can also seek guidance from the expert team stating them your requirements and they will give you the right guidance. 

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