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Floor cleaning certainly makes for an essential chore and some types of floor are always more difficult to clean than others. For instance, laminate floors are easier to clean and need some simple techniques; on the other hand, tile and marble floors require a bit of effort.

If you are wondering about the most effective ways of cleaning floors, you have come to the right place. Grubless, provider of best floor cleaners in Brisbane present you a thorough excerpt on Floor Cleaning Details.

Hardwood Floors

Enduring and beautiful, hardwood floors if cared well can stay shiny and durable for a long time. Regular upkeep and cleaning combined with episodic re-coating once in two years will make sure that your hardwood floor lasts almost a lifetime. When you are mopping the floor, wring the mop out frequently and use the liquid solution as less as possible. For hardwood floor cleaning you can also use a homely method– apply a mixture of vinegar and water followed by which rinse the floor thoroughly and let it dry out to remove additional moisture.

Tile Floors

Durable and elegant, tile floors can be painful to clean sometimes. The grout between the tiles is the favourite place for stubborn stains. While cleaning the tile floor, first sweep it properly and eliminate the surface dirt. Vinegar and water solution mixed in equal parts works well for tile floor as well. Dip a toothbrush into the solution and scrub it hard against the grout to remove stains. Once cleaned, rinse the floor with clean water, wring your mop out and let it dry for quick moisture removal.

Marble Floors

Marble floors are rather tricky to clean; they are scratch-prone and hence need special attention to be cleaned. Avoid vinegar because it might scratch or dull the marble floor. You can use a very diluted mixture of water and ammonia (half a cup of ammonia for every one gallon of water). After mopping the floor dry, rub it with a soft towel for preventing moisture absorption.

Laminate Floors

Easy to clean and sturdy, we recommend you to sweep or dry-mop laminate floors every day to ensure that they are in good shape. Clean the laminate with hot water because some varieties of laminate are generally sensitive to acidic cleaners and soap. Preferably use a sponge mop and wring it out properly to make it damp.  Dry the area with a microfiber cloth/towel after cleaning. Water and vinegar solution is effective on some types of laminate but use it only if you are sure of the type of laminate floor you have.

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