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Transition Management

In the previous parts of the blog series, we have explored Disinfection Protocols, Indoor Air Quality and Physical Distancing Method.

In the last part of the blog series, we shall help you chalk out a proper transition plan in a situation where some of your employees are working from office while others are working from home.

Some Pointers:

  • Keep providing concise yet transparent updates relevant to your work location, domain, industry, current work state as well as the overall pandemic situation; maintain an internal communication channel for posting relevant updates
  •  Tech should be super-active across the company ensuring hassle-free communication, project management, video conferencing and collaboration tools
  • Continue cleaning all office spaces, shared or not, and make sure that the ones working from office are wiping down their desk thoroughly at the end of the day – Grubless is one of the biggest providers of top cleaning products in Brisbane; try it’s 3 in 1 Disinfectant Spray and Wipe to get the best results
  • For utmost risk mitigation, supply hand sanitizer and PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) in your entire office building and ensure that your employees know where to find them; Grubless has a wide collection of sanitizers that include Sweet Lu Sanitiser, Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser, No Rinse Sanitise, et al
  • Team collaboration might go down without face-to-face conversation; therefore communication should be prioritised through weekly bulletins, emails and video calls
  • Value recharge interactions beyond work-related talks; participate in digital team lunches, group downtime, happy hours etc
  • Check with the team to get an idea of how things are moving and where people require additional support
  • Promote work-life balance; while some are working from home and some from office, common work hours should be applied to all

For the ones who have worked from home as a preventive measure during the complete lockdown but are now back to the office, it’s time you implement best hygiene practices to reduce the spread of pathogens even after the pandemic is over.

Some Pointers:

  • Regularly clean high touch surfaces; keep more disinfecting wipes available along with hand sanitizers and give everyone guidance on how to use them functionally; Grubless Heavy Duty Wipes can just do your job right
  • Improve disinfecting procedures and a professional cleaning regime to cut down all kinds of germs
  • Use touch-reducing amenities such as motion sensor lights, double-swinging push doors etc

So, while communication is the top criterion in maintaining good mental health, hygiene remains the top criterion in ensuring good physical health. Grubless with its essential cleaning supplies in Brisbane can take care of your end to end hygiene requirements at the office. Our products include everything starting from washroom consumables, cleaning chemicals, janitorial supplies and cleaning equipment.

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