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Social Distancing Measures

In the previous parts of the blog series we have already analysed in-depth the disinfection protocols to be followed and what can employers do to ensure a safe ventilation system. In this part, we shall explore the social distancing measures that can be followed within an office space.

The organisations with on-premise employees need to follow social distancing right away even if they are not working with the full capacity. Starting to practise it early will give you time to experiment which method works best within your space before all your employees transition back.

Physical Distancing Method

  • Keep your office hours flexible; use two shifts for all entrants including cleaning staff
  • Operate with limited and well-spaced workstations
  • Follow a social distancing desk tool to diagram what a physically distanced plan looks like; desks should be placed at least 6 feet apart from one another
  • Don’t allow visitors unless absolutely necessary
  • Prohibit arrival of personal packages and limit locker usage as well
  • Rearrange office design by partitioning social spaces and desks, revise seating arrangements and use signage such as floor markers for staircases and hallways
  • Even if employees are present at office premises, still if possible go for virtual meets
  • Repurpose seminar, conference and training rooms into personal office spaces and/or storage areas
  • Develop a touch-less entry app, which will enable in-office employees to badge into the office building through phones

Communication is the Key

While Grubless, provider of top cleaning products in Brisbane is going to supply with effective disinfection products such as Lemon Tyne Commercial Grade Disinfectant, 3 in 1 Spray and Wipe Disinfectant, Rain Forest Commercial Disinfectant and many more, good communication too is an effective defence to deal with the emotional and physical aspects of navigating COVID 19.

Try to support and reassure employees going through personal and emotional challenges due to the changing containment efforts. These are some of the things you can do to not contribute to the existing turmoil your people are facing.

  • Communicate concise and transparent updates relevant to your current work culture, industry and location in a composed and timely manner
  • Offer two-way communication and support channels; create a space for people to reach out to you with their requirements and concerns
  • Try to make accommodations based on specific needs as early as possible depending on the relevance
  • Set signage in the office premises to keep everyone aware of safety protocols which include,
  • Good respiratory hygiene
  • Cleaning recommendations (connect with Grubless experts and they will just not provide you with the best cleaning product accessories in Brisbane but will also help you develop a series of posters to be put in community settings, high traffic hallways and meeting rooms)
  • Symptom Checks

Grubless Cleaning Supplies can be the one-stop-shop for all your cleaning requirements. Our only target is to set a high standard of services to all customers consistently. In the last part of the blog series, we shall share some tips on how one can familiarise with the ongoing workspace transition and what can an employee do ensure workplace safety.

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