Observed on 15th October, the Global Handwashing Day is dedicated to advocating for the importance of handwashing. The day signifies how handwashing with soap can be a convenient, effective yet affordable way of preventing diseases and saving lives.

Besides, this day has a special significance this year owing to the COVID 19 pandemic, which has led us back to the fundamentals. Right from the traditional Indian ‘namaste’ to washing hands frequently, it has foregrounded the basic practices like no other. 

Simply using soap and clean water to wash your hands thoroughly can reduce the spread of the virus to a great extent – Grubless, the provider of top cleaning products in Brisbane with its collection of premium quality and efficacious handwashing products is also a part of this noble initiative of spreading the message.

Looking Back…

Founded by the Global Handwashing Partnership (an organisation that endeavours to save child life and improve health by promoting handwashing with soap), the Global Handwashing Day sets forth different creative ideas that are designed, tested and replicated to encourage people to wash their hands. 

The Global Handwashing Day was held for the first time in 2008; on that day more than 120 million children from over 70 countries across the world washed hands.  Since that day, several leaders from various communities all over the world have started circulating the word of awareness about handwashing, built taps and sinks and demonstrated the worth and importance of clean hands. 

The idea of the day has continued to expand since then. The day is endorsed by governments, national and international institutions, schools, NGOs, civil society organisations, private organisations and individuals.

The theme for Global Handwashing Day 2020 is ‘Hand Hygiene for All’. The theme is expectedly based on the recent global initiative calling on people across the world to scale hand hygiene up especially through washing hands with soap. The theme reiterates what the World Health Organisation has been stating since the onset of the pandemic – practice handwashing for a healthy today and an even healthier tomorrow.

Another initiative making the rounds is introducing the concept of handwashing from early childhood. So, instead of mentioning H for HAT, publishers are urged to mention H for Handwashing in children books so that a child from the very beginning gets familiar with the concept of hand hygiene. 

Let’s spread the message of handwashing and play our role in combating not just the present but also any future pandemic – after all, it’s all in our hands.

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