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Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

In the previous section of the blog series, we have discussed the office disinfection protocols; in this part, we are going to explore the importance of indoor air quality amidst the pandemic and the steps to be taken to minimise the spread of the virus within the office space.

Grubless, one of the ace cleaning product manufacturers in Brisbane has complete knowledge of cleanliness issues related to office, which has made us conclude that workplaces are home to multiple sources of air contaminants that include viruses, mould, bacteria and volatile organic compounds from furniture, cleaning agents and other materials. Poor ventilation escalates the presence and intensity of these contaminants.

As you have been phasing employees back into the office, it is essential that you concentrate on filtration, ventilation and plumbing systems to dilute, filter and eliminate pathogens – this will, in turn, help you sustain healthy indoor environments.  To improve the filtration system, pay close attention to the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value), which will help you measure the air filter’s efficiency based on particle size.

According to studies, the efficiency of the air filter in removing particles is directly proportional to the higher value of MERV. However, it varies from one filter to another. For instance, while a polyester or fibreglass panel filter has a MERV of 4 to 5, a hospital critical area air filter has a MERV of 14 (for utmost prevention of germs and infectious diseases).

To ensure the cleanest quality of air, one should select a filter with the highest MERV possible but you should also make sure that the unit’s fan power is capable enough to force air through that filter. Standard recommendations are MERV 14 for healthcare facilities, MERV 13 for office spaces and MERV 8 for external air intakes in city areas.

Here are some of the workplace air quality interventions from Grubless, one of the well-known suppliers of best quality cleaning chemicals in Brisbane:

  • Monitor air quality assessments closely, enhance ventilation effectively and create awareness regarding air quality
  •  Introduce sequencing and controls for accommodating additional filtration needs related to re-circulated air systems
  • Develop an effective communication chain through apps and dashboards to address concerns regarding pathogen transmission instantly

Grubless Cleaning Supplies showcases a diverse range of products that include janitorial supplies, cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment, and washroom consumables. We shall not just provide you with all the required products but our expert team will also guide you on which ones suitable for you. Keep coming to this space for more information on workspace safety in the time of COVID. In the upcoming parts of the blog series, we shall shed light on functional social distancing at the workplace, physical distancing methods that can be followed and how employees can make sure that they are keeping themselves and their colleagues guarded.

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