Why have a Christmas cleaning plan?

It may be a bit daunting to know it is only 9 weeks until Christmas day will be upon us!

That wonderful time of year hopefully brings you a well deserved break from work and sees your office closing down or at least operating with minimal staff. As such, this can be the perfect time to have some of those more difficult tasks carried out with minimal impact on you, your business and your staff.

During the year, not all areas of your business need attending to every clean, or even every ‘other’ clean. These areas may be outside of your ‘normal cleaning schedule’ or perhaps just need a deep clean that can’t easily be carried out during those busier times of the year. Over the Christmas period however, can be the perfect time to have these areas taken care of giving your New Year a well and truly fresh start!

Some areas that are ideal to tackle during this time are:

  • Your carpets and/or hard floors, giving them a deep clean that daily/weekly vacuuming and mopping can’t achieve;
  • Those hard to reach high windows and window sills;
  • Both your internal and external walls. It’s amazing how many fingerprints and scuff marks can build up on your internal walls and how much dirt and possible mould on your external walls;
  • Your air-conditioning outlets/inlets; and
  • Your kitchen – It is safe to say that most kitchens would receive a daily wipe of the counter tops and floors but what about a thorough clean including the inside of all of the cupboards and any high reach to places that get skipped during that regular clean.

Grubless continues to operate throughout the year, even at Christmas time and we are here to help you with your Christmas Cleaning Plan. Contact us today to discuss your business’ individual cleaning needs and allow us to provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

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