Spring cleaning checklist: What not to forget

Spring is almost upon us and with that, our spring cleaning! We have compiled a list of places that are the most forgotten in our regular cleaning routines.

Be sure to add these possibly filthy places onto your spring cleaning list!

  • High places such as the top of your cabinets and your fridge! If you haven’t been up there for a while, be prepared to find a good build-up of dust.
  • Ceiling Fan – Speaking of high places, if you haven’t given your ceiling fans a work out over the winter period, be sure to give them a good clean before turning them on again. A handy tip is to use a pillow case to help catch the dust.
  • Toaster – whilst toast can be delicious to eat, the left over, build up off crumbs is not and can prove to be a very dangerous fire hazard!
  • Washing Machine – If you don’t always use bleach, your washing machine can actually be a dirty place. A great way to clean it is to use Vinegar on a warm wash cycle (empty!)
  • Dishwasher – This appliance can also get dirty inside but some great household products to clean it with is vinegar and baking soda.
  • Pillows – These can easily be overlooked when carrying out your regular sheets/pillowcase washing. Many brands of pillows can be machine washed, just read the label for the best drying option.
  • Cleaning Items Themselves – Once your spring cleaning is complete, take the time to give your tools a good clean too as this will help to extend their life and also help to prevent cross-contamination. Also remember to clean out for your vacuums filter.
  • Makeup Brushes – These can often be overlooked in our daily rush to quickly paint our faces, however they can also be a great place for bacteria to grow and spread with each application… YUCK! There are many ways to clean these brushes however baby shampoo seems to work the best!

Further Items That Are Not To Be Forgotten (and should probably be cleaned more often!)

  • Light Switches, Doorknobs, handles (including kitchen handles) and buttons
  • Toilet and faucet handles
  • Your electronics such as your mobile, ipad, remotes and also their cases where applicable.
  • Your wallet/purse and credit cards
  • Toothbrush (and any other) cups/holders
  • Pet bowls, beds, and toys

Can you think of anything else that is often forgotten? Please share with us! Either comment here or send us an email to manager@grubless.com.au and we will add it to the list!

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